Welcome to the Fonda Savio hut       in the Sesto Dolomites

Dive into new adventure with us!

Fonda-Savio-Hut (2367 m) Cadini di Misurina Section XXX Ottobre Trieste CAI

Opening hours: approx. 15.06. - 30.09.18

Head: Family Pörnbacher

Equipment: 20 beds and 20 storage bins

Best cuisine and strudel far and wide!

Base for basic course Fels vom Summit-Club and ÖAV (mountaineering school)

Tel: 043 53 90 36 or 0435 366056


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Our hut is a true family business. It is easy to reach with the day trip, can be used as a starting point for various climbing tours and as a stage stop on hikes through the Sextener Dolomites.

The hut is named after the three brothers Piero, Paolo and Sergio Fonda-Savio who falled in the second World War. The three brothers were the children of partisan leader Antonio Fonda-Savio and his wife Letizia Svevo, the daughter of Italo Svevo.