Touring proposal


Torre Wundt m. 2517 via mazzorana, classic "Cadini" climbing route, 4th level


Campanile Dülfer m. 2706, amazing climbing, 4th and 5th level


Paracarro m. 2350 North face, beautiful route, 3rd level with short descent


Il gobbo m. 2580, varied route, 3rd level

La pala di punta ellie m. 2560, 4th and 5th level


Pianoro dei tocci m.2675 via quinz, legendary route, 5th and 6th level

Nordöstliche Cadinspitze m.2788






Cadini Tour "durissini" Way nr. 112 and 116 - 3 hours


Bonacossaweg, from the Fonda Savio refuge southway to the Col de Varda refuge above Misurina - and from the Fonda Savio refuge northway to the Auronzo refuge below the "Drei Zinnen", along old warzones, always 2 hours